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It is time for a change in government.

It is time for a change in who governs.

It is time to change the way we think.

It is time reject the status quo.

It is time to end the two party system.

It is time to elect people who will fight for individual freedom.

Voting for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil.

Libertarians are the change we need. 

If you are looking for someone who will actually fight to reduce, eliminate and squash government, I am your candidate.  

Paul Bilyeu: the only candidate who, if elected, won't


I get it.  Change is not easy.  For some, it is downright scary.  I was you 5 years ago.  Standing in the same line behind everyone else.  Believing that my only options were the ones given to me.  Options presented by tradition, by my upbringing, by the people around me, by the media. 

Once I truly started reading, listening and understanding what our current government and their duopoly stands for, I awoke from my slumber.  I was groggy.  It took me some time to embrace all these, for some, radical ideas.  However, the more I listened, and learned, from some very smart people, it all just makes sense.

My life is my own.  I will choose how to live it as long as I do not threaten the life, liberty or property of another.  

Government should do the same.  Stay out of the lives of the individual.  Instead, it has inserted itself into every aspect of our lives.  There is only one activity government effectively performs.  Inserting itself into the lives of free individuals.

Please consider my message and the message of all Libertarians when you vote.  Cast your vote not for a person.  Cast your vote not for a party.  Cast your vote for change.

My three pledges to you, the people of HD 135:

  • I will never vote to increase taxes, or create new ones.
  • I will never vote to increase the size, scope and role of government.
  • I will never vote to increase government spending.

Thank you for visiting!  I am grateful for this opportunity and would be honored to represent the people of District 135.  Please feel free to review my positions on specific issues and contact me if you have any additional questions.   





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