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One common theme you will find as you read my position on the issues (listed at the bottom) is less government and the rights of the individual.  The only acceptable roles for government are:

  1. Protecting the freedoms of the individual
  2. Defense from foreign aggression
  3. A judicial system allowing the individual to seek restitution for damage to their lives, liberty or property by another

As a state legislator, those would be my binding tenets. If existing or proposed legislation does not meet any of those three criteria, then I will fight to either repeal the existing law or prevent the new legislation that does not conform to these three tenets.

If you have a question on a specific issue, please go to the Contact page and submit your question.  I will review and post a response to my Issues page or reply to you personally as volume permits.

For additional information on Libertarian positions on most issues, please check both of the following links:

LP Texas Platform

LP National Platform

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