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States Powers

As an initial step towards freedom for the individual, I would first use my position in the Texas legislature to advocate for nullification (invalidate and refuse to enforce) all unconstitutional federal laws or mandates.

It is also important to note that nullification of unconstitutional laws is a good starting point. However, it does not mean I support everything in the U.S. Constitution or that it is the end all document for how we should govern.  I still 100% support the rights of the individual regardless of the Constitution.

This is not to slight the founders or the long lasting legacy that has been, and is, the U.S. Constitution.  It clearly sets the rules for a very limited federal government.  If only this nation hadn't strayed from some of those original ideas.  The authors would be embarrassed by the out of control leviathan the federal government has become.

It is also important to remember that the Constitution is not infallible.  Over the course of history, the original document has been wrong, and has been amended, on numerous occasions.  Current, glaring examples that need review and repeal are Article 1 Section 8, Clause 1 and the 16th amendment.  They give the federal government the power to lay and collect taxes on pretty much anything they want.

As stated, getting back to a true constitutional government with both individual and states rights at the forefront is a good place to start but it is by no means the end point of change that needs to occur. 

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