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Cannabis and Recreational Drug Reform

I fully support the full legalization of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use. As a Texas State Legislator, I will use my seat to abolish all laws that either criminalize or restrict its use.

We must STOP allowing our government to dictate what individuals do with their lives. Government should not have the power to determine what private, free individuals consume. 

Individuals who then consume this or other substances should not expect government to "save" them if their decisions cause them harm in some way. Additionally, individuals should be held accountable if their use of this, or any substance, causes damage to the life, liberty or property of another.   

This is not to imply that marijuana is a harmful substance. I believe it to be far less harmful than alcohol, cigarettes and prescription medications all of which are "legal" and kill thousands (if not millions) of people annually.  Marijuana kills zero people annually. (Not to mention it is a plant. How can government tell a free individual not to grow and use a plant?)

As far as other drugs, it is my position to at least begin the conversation on legalization. Let's face it, the drug war initiated by Richard Nixon has failed miserably. It has resulted in black markets, cartels, crime, imprisonment for victim-less crimes (with far more devastating effects on minorities) and murder. All the while making ZERO progress in eliminating drugs in the United States. Prohibition did not work for alcohol and it will never work for drugs. Why continue to spend trillions of dollars in taxpayer money on this endless boondoggle. 

Finally, who do you think spends the most money advocating against drug legalization? Big pharma, big tobacco, the private prison industry, big alcohol, big government (DEA) and police units all across the country. Ask yourself what happens to their revenues and funding if these substances are legalized? Do you really believe those parties are interested in "saving" people by keeping drugs illegal?

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