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Covid-19 and Government

"The virus has turned fear into a virtue.

Those who are afraid believe they are better people than those who are not, and will subconsciously look for ways to multiply their fear, because it's their virtue."

Author Unknown


I get it. People are afraid. That does NOT grant government the power to repeatedly violate our inherent rights and those protected by the constitution. 

There should be no government mandated lockdowns or quarantines.

There should be no government restrictions on peaceful assembly.

There should be no government shutdown of businesses.

There should be no mandatory government contact tracing.

Guess how many government jobs were stopped, ended, furloughed or otherwise impacted? As a percentage of the total government jobs in the US? My best guess is less than 1%. (Internet searches turn up no reliable statistic) Yet they have chosen to destroy the livelihoods of millions of Americans all while collecting their own government pay check.

The only role government has here, if any, is to provide the most up to date information as fast and as accurately as humanly possible. Using multiple credible and verified resources from all parts of the medical community. They can even make recommendations. People then have to decide for themselves how to manage their lives and the lives of their families.

As with most of my platform, this is all about personal responsibility.

If you are afraid, stay at home. Don't force me.

If you are at risk, stay at home. Don't force me.

If you are sick, stay at home. Don't cough or breathe on others. And if you do cough or breathe on someone, don't be surprised if there are repercussions for that behavior.

And by the same token, if you are out and you get coughed or breathed upon, you assumed that risk by going out.

If I am willing to assume the risk and I get sick, I should also be accepting of any consequences that comes with it. Including not getting access to a ventilator in a hospital that is over capacity since the potential for that is well known and has been communicated.

We risk our lives every single day. People should be taking the precautions that suit themselves and live with the consequences, good or bad. Government should not be dictating those decisions with mandated restrictions that ruin lives. 

The general population is so quick and eager to defer their protection, their security, their health and well-being to government instead of managing it themselves. Just stop.

The medicine cannot and should not be worse than the disease. And that is what has happened. 

Bottom line, take responsibility for yourselves and others. Never leave it to government. The more power and control you give them, the less likely it is you will ever get it back.

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