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Flooding and other Natural Disasters - Part 1

The back to back to back rain events in Houston are nothing to laugh about or minimize. The three years from 2015-2017 saw devastating floods to homes and neighborhoods in the Houston area and HD135. My hope is that these events are outliers and will not be common place in the years to come.

That being said, how do we respond? Is it the responsibility of the individual to mitigate their risk or is it the responsibility of your community or government? Do we assume these events will occur once per year, every two years, five, ten? Or do we look at them as once in a lifetime events that will not occur again? So many questions and the answers are difficult.

Neither the federal nor state government is best positioned to provide disaster mitigation or relief for our community. Individuals and individual communities are best suited to do this. Government has a long history of being the problem in disaster situations rather than the solution.

Communities and individuals should get together and decide what is best for their community.  Create a plan and move forward. Initial funding for any flood mitigation or recovery in HD135 should come from the Texas Rainy Day fund. 25% of this fund is from taxes collected in Harris County. Some portion of that belongs to the people of HD135. Period. End of story.  

Jersey Village, for example, is discussing a plan to build a berm in their community to help with flood mitigation. Before ever discussing a bond, or a referendum on this, Jersey Village should first be returned their monies from the rainy day fund to pay for this. If additional money is needed, the residents of Jersey Village should be asked to voluntarily fund the remaining amount not forced through a tax. Meetings should be held. Neighbors should lobby each other.  Fund raisers scheduled. Private benefactors sought out for donations.  

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